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Happy Chinese New Year! Baby Pandas Go Wild At Giant Panda Carnival!

A Giant Panda Festival is taking place in Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan Province, and humans are allowed to attend as well.

This annual carnival  marks the Lunar New Year, and celebrates China's most adorable icon.

A giant panda reserve in Chengdu has a lucky seven cute panda cubs.  The playful toddlers are drawing visitors during the New Years celebration, even inspiring a little twist to some traditional Chinese arts.

Panda inspired calligraphy, paper cutting, and even the renowned face-changing acts of Peking Opera were there.

For those with a sweet tooth, there will be panda sugar painting and sculpting, as well as a few educational lectures. But beware, there are the occasional panda imposters.

On Wednesday, one of the  highlights was the weighing of the rough-and-tumble half-year old twins, Cheng Shuang and Cheng Dui. At the weigh in, the sneaky cubs even tried to eat the scale.

And panda’s don’t mind packing on the pounds. Reserve employees report the twins are a very healthy size.  Only three ounces at birth, half a year later, they are now up to over 37 pounds.

Best of all, the profits from all the pandamonium are going straight back to the adorable animals for panda research and protection.



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