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Turtle Dreamer is the green sea turtle who doesn’t know how to swim very well. His class mates like to bully him because he is slow and weak. His family thinks he’s also a total dreamer as he spends most of the day reading books and daydreaming. Then one day during the annual travel across the ocean to go home, Turtle Dreamer was struggling to swim and accidentally got lost in an oil spill. Somehow the toxic waste did not kill him, but mutated his brain. He suddenly became a genius. He even found a way to become the fastest turtle ever by inventing his own eco-friendly rocket that runs on seawater.

Turtle Dreamer dreams to be the world’s greatest inventor. He is constantly building and testing new green machines and sometimes getting into big trouble. But he loves to race his rocket around Cute World to discover new places and to make new cute friends.

  • What You Dream, You Can Do! Have Fun!

  • Against Ocean Pollution!

  • Against Illegal Fishing!

Worldwide green sea turtle populations have declined due to several human practices:

  • ocean pollution such as oil spills and toxic waste (PCBs, metals, and other chemicals) have a negative effect on the ocean environment and severely harms turtles;

  • habitat destruction from real estate development and increase tourism eliminates their nesting beaches;

  • large scale fishing causes many turtles to be fatally caught in fishing nets.

  • Please help green turtles by adopting Turtle Dreamer and help conserve Turtle Dreamer’s natural habitat!


Universe CUTE World
Sex Male
Name / Chinese Name Juan / Ou gui
Marital Status Single
Height 2 Foot
Weight 40 Pounds
Eyes Black
Color Green
Citizenship Costa Rica
Diet Herbivore, seagrass
Super Powers Super intelligence, the ability to invent any machine he day dreams about
Friends Buddha Monkey, H. Monsters, Love Panda, YouBee, Top Dog

Flying, racing, inventing new machines, daydreaming, basking in the sunshine, and traveling

Family Green Turtles (Chelonia Mydas) and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Gemini / Rat
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