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buddha monkey

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Buddha Monkey is from China. Long ago he got lost in the forest and took refuge in the Cute and Happy temple. There he learned the ways of the Cute and Happy philosophy and the practice of alternative medicine. After years of practice, he mastered the power of healing through happiness. His cute friends realized such gift needed to be shared with the world. So they made him promise that he will travel around the world to help heal the sick, the less fortunate, and spread the Cute and Happy philosophy to all.


  • Happiness Heals!

  • Spread Peace and Kindness throughout the World

  • The Practice of Alternative Medicine


*** Buddha Monkey was partially inspired by the Golden Monkey which only lives in the forests of China. The greatest concern for the Golden Monkey is the disappearing forest. In fact, the Golden Monkey and the Giant Pandas actually share the same living space. The Golden Monkey is an endangered animal because of deforestation and illegal poachers who hunt them for their beautiful golden fur.

  • Please help save Golden Monkeys by adopting Buddha Monkey and help conserve Buddha Monkey’s natural habitat!


Universe CUTE World
Sex Male
American Name / Chinese Name Johnny / Hur seng
Marital Status Single
Height 5 Foot
Weight 110 Ponds
Eyes Black
Color Brown
Citizenship China
Diet vegetarian
Super Powers ‘The Happy Healer’ - The ability to heal people of illness through happiness
Friends Dragon Rockstar / Kung Fu Tiger

Cute and Happy philosophy, meditation, alternative medicine, healing people, drinking green tea, and traveling

Family Buddhist Monks, Golden Monkeys and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Leo / Monkey


3 Inch

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