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hug monsters

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Ninja MEOW is from Montreal, Canada.  She is a French Canadian lounge singer by day and a heart savior by night.  Ninja MEOW gives out hugs and kisses to all her admirers by day and at night is a crusader against animal abuse by giving good hearts to animal abusers, and teaching them the importance of having a good heart filled with love and compassion towards pets.  She is the protector of all kitties in town and sometimes she even protects doggies in need!




Universe CUTE World
Sex Female
American Name / Chinese Name Crystal / Mao
Marital Status Single
Height 3 Feet
Weight 28 Pounds
Eyes Green
Color White and Pink
Citizenship Canada
Diet Cheese, Wine, and Fish
Super Powers Master thief and escape artist, sword master and acupuncturist, Hypnotism: Ninja Kitten can hypnotize you with her beautiful singing voice
Friends Love Panda, Hi Butterfly, Hug Monsters, Count Cute

Karaoke, Ninjitsu, climbing walls, stealing hearts, playing tick-tack toe

Family Feline
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Aquarius / Rooster


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