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Count Cute is from a mountain village in Transylvania, Romania. He flunked out of vampire training school because he is non-violent and does not want to hurt people. Count Cute is different from his other vampire friends. He is always happy, smiley, loves the sunshine, and does not drink blood. He’s a vegan; his favorite drink is tomato juice, and he likes to eat fruits and vegetables.

Count Cute is the new generation of vampires who are eco-friendly, live a healthy lifestyle, eat organic food and like to play in sunshine. Count Cute is an eternal romantic and is searching for his one true love.

  • Don’t Harm, Just Love!

  • Dare to be Different!

  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle!


Universe CUTE World
Sex Male
Name Lucian
Marital Status Single
Height 5 foot 9
Weight 165 pounds
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Citizenship Transylvania, Romania
Diet Tomato Juice, Vegan
Super Powers Hypnosis, flight, change to bat or mist, glows in the sunlight
Friends Princess Cherry, Cutesy Bunny, and Hi Butterfly

Poetry, magic, playing sports, and kissing girls

Family Kiss Family Clan and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Sagittarius / Ox
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