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Hi Butterfly’s home was in the Amazon Rainforest located between Brazil and Peru. That region of the Amazon is being destroyed by illegal loggers who cut down and burned away trees for farmland, construction, and illegal mining. Despite the loss of her home, Hi Butterfly is still an eternal optimist and is now searching for a new home with her sisters.

  • The Amazon Rainforest located in Brazil and Peru is home to many endangered species. The animals are facing multiple dangers like massive deforestation from illegal loggers and illegal mining activities to global warming and pollution.

  • SAVE THE RAINFOREST – The last great source of fresh water and oxygen supply and most importantly a refuge for many rare and exotic creatures. Please help Hi Butterfly and her displaced sisters save their home in the Amazon Rainforest!

Universe CUTE World
Sex Female
Name / Chinese Name Claudy / HuDiie
Marital Status Single
Height 10 inch
Weight 500 Grams
Eyes Blue
Hair Multi Colors
Citizenship Amazon Rainforest, Brazil and Peru
Diet Flower nectar and Pollen
Super Powers Chameleon power, can change to any color and hide or blend into the environment
Friends Love Panda, Cutesy Bunny, Princess Cherry and her Butterfly sisters

Flying, listening to Music, resting in trees, happy, cheerful, an optimist

Family Butterfly Sisters and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Virgo / Horse
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