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YouBee is from USA and proud to BEE American. He grew up on a country farm. On regular days, YouBee is just a regular worker bee, but when there’s danger to his bee colony he turns into YouBee the Super Bee to protect his fellow bees and precious honey.

One day someone stole the bee colony’s honey. YouBee springs into action and is out to investigate where they are taking his honey. Come along on the adventures of YouBee as he hitches a ride on a supermarket truck to the big city. There he discovers the land of endless honey in jugs and also finds his own love bee.


  • Bee Cute and Happy! Bee American! Bee a Super Hero!

  • Bee Preservation! In the last 25 years the bee population has been cut in half!  The bee population needs to be protected and saved for the following reasons:

- Bees are an important part of the food production chain not only for honey but also for many fruits;

- Bees are essential for the health of pollinator-dependent crops such as almonds and blueberries;

- Honeybees pollinate $15 billion of U.S. crops each year, and many companies use pollinated crops in their products.

  • Please help YouBee protect and save honeybee colonies!



Universe CUTE World
Sex Male
Name / Chinese Name Chris / Mifeng
Marital Status Single
Height 3 Inch
Weight 100 Grams
Eyes Brown
Citizenship USA
Diet Pollen and Honey
Super Powers Vibration power from its wiggle/waggle dance makes everyone feel positive, eases tension and make people laugh
Friends Bee Colony, Hi Butterfly and Cutesy Bunny

Honey, Flowers, Dancing, Being a Hero, hanging out with his fellow worker bees

Family The Bee Colony and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Aquarius / Rooster


3 Inch

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