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Kung Fu Tiger was an orphan tiger cub whose parents were killed by illegal poachers. He escaped from the hunters and was rescued by a kind, traveling stranger. The mysterious cute friend was a buddhist monk who took pity on the orphan cub and decided to adopt him and raise Kung Fu Tiger in the Buddhist temple. Kung Fu Tiger is a pacifist and believes in non violence. He seeks enlightenment and inner peace. He loves to practice tai chi, chi gong, kung fu, and yoga.

  • First Step to Happiness Comes from Within!

  • Sound Body, Sound Mind!

  • The Importance of Regular Exercise to Stay Healthy

  • Kung Fu, Yoga, Chi Gong as Good Alternative Therapy

  • SAVE ASIAN TIGERS - Asian Tigers could be extinct in 12 years if unprotected against poachers and the destruction of their natural habitats from forest construction and tree cutting. Please help protect tigers and conserve their natural habitat!

Universe CUTE World
Sex Male
Name / Chinese Name Bruce / Lao Fu
Marital Status Single
Height 6 feet
Weight 200 pounds
Eyes Green
Hair Orange and black stripe coat
Citizenship India
Diet Mixed
Super Powers Kung Fu Tiger is very fast and strong from practicing chi gong. Kung Fu Tiger is the master of the ‘peace touch’ – a single touch can cause an individual to feel calmness and peacefulness.
Friends Dragon Rockstar, Count Cute, Buddha Monkey, Love Panda

Yoga, Chi Gong, Exercise, Meditating

Family CUTE Friends, Asian Tigers, Siberian Tigers
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Capricorn / Tiger
Objective Looking for enlightenment and peace
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