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Dragon Rockstar is a rebel in a family of dragon warriors. He is different from his school friends. This little young dragon does not like to fight nor want to become a dragon warrior like his class mates. He is a pacifist and loves to sing. He dreams to be a rockstar.

  • Don't Fight, Just Sing!

  • Dare to Be Different! Follow Your Dreams!

  • Against Weapons of Mass Destruction

*** Dragon Rockstar was partially inspired by the Komodo Dragons which is an endangered animal. There are only about 3,000 remaining in the world.  The primary threats to the dragon's survival include illegal hunting for their skins and the loss of their natural habitat.

  • Komodo Dragons have been around for 40-45 million years and is considered as one of the last surviving dinosaurs.  Let’s help make sure they are around for future generations by adopting Dragon Rockstar and help conserve Dragon Rockstar’s natural habitat!

Universe CUTE World
Sex Male
Name / Chinese Name Foof / Long
Marital Status Single
Height 8 feet
Weight 300 pounds
Eyes Brown
Hair Green and Yellow Scales
Citizenship Indonesia
Diet Gold / Silver
Super Powers Can fly, breathe fire, and sing so beautifully that people are happy and in harmony
Friends Kung Fu Tiger, Count Cute

Singing and playing guitar

Family Dragon Warrior Clan, Komodo Dragons and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Cancer / Dragon
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