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princess cherry

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Princess Cherry is a little princess that lives in a giant Cherry Tree and is the princess of the Kingdom of Cherries. She wears a beautiful pink tutu dress with heart shaped bust sown by fairies out of cherry petals. She is smiling and wearing a tiara.

By day, she is a formal and proper little princess. But at night, Princess Cherry loves to dance ballet in her room when no one is watching. Pink butterflies float around her when she's dancing. Princess Cherry is a little sad that her male siblings are free to do whatever they please and no one judges them. Princess Cherry’s dream is to one day become the World's greatest ballerina - a true dancing queen. Princess Cherry is the secret muse of Count Cute.


  • Pro Gender Equality and Minority Equality!

  • Every Girl is a Princess, Every Girl is Unique!

  • Follow Your Dreams!


Universe CUTE World
Sex Female
American Name / Chinese Name Lara / Gulan
Marital Status Single
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Weight 120 Pounds
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Citizenship Hungarian
Diet Mixed
Super Powers Cherry FiFi dances so beautifully people are frozen in awe and inspiration.
Friends Little fairies, Hi Butterfly, Love Panda, and Count Cute

Dancing ballet, listening to classical music, and cherry blossom trees

Family Bathory Family and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Aries / Snake


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