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Cutesy Bunny was born with magic powers. She does not know of her special gift. She likes to hop around and be a happy little bunny, but she also loves to cook for her friends all day long. No one knows the secret ingredient to her great tasting food! Must be something magical… Cutesy Bunny is so popular for her cooking that even the lions and panthers are her friends. Cutesy Bunny dreams to be the world’s greatest chef.

  • It Takes Time, Hard Work, Dedication, and a Little Magic to Become Great at Something!

  • Against Experimentation on Animals for Cosmetic Testing!

*** Cutesy Bunny was partially inspired by the Riverine Rabbit.  Studies estimate that there are less than 250 of these rabbits left; making them one of the 10 most endangered species on earth.

  • Please help save the Riverine Rabbit by adopting Cutesy Bunny and help conserve Cutesy Bunny’s natural habitat!

Universe CUTE World
Sex Female
Name / Chinese Name Melissa / Tu Zhi
Marital Status Single
Height 1 Foot
Weight 10 Pounds
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Citizenship South Africa
Diet Vegan
Super Powers Magic powers to cook super delicious food
Friends Hi Butterfly, Love Panda, YouBee, and Count Cute

Cooking, Fashion, and Magic

Family Lapin Family, Riverine Rabbits and CUTE Friends
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Pisces / Rabbit
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