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Top Dog

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Top Dog is from Detroit, USA. He was captured and forced into the violent world of illegal dog fighting. He lived a harsh life and suffered much physical abuse. But his suffering only made him stronger because now he understands and can speak the human language, and can tell the world what animals are feeling. When he managed to escape from captivity, he vowed to never to fight again and to tell the world his story in order to protect all animals from cruelty. His message to all is that we can be a 'BE A TOP DOG WITHOUT BULLYING'.


  • Be a Top Dog Without Bullying!

  • Against Cruelty to Animals


Universe CUTE World
Sex Male
American Name / Chinese Name Tony / Da Gawg
Marital Status Single
Height 4 Foot
Weight 120 Ponds
Eyes Black
Color Blue Grey
Citizenship USA
Diet Carnivore
Super Powers Top Dog has the gift of speech and can speak all the languages in the world. He is a gifted orator and inspires others.
Friends Kung Fu Tiger, You Bee, Dragon Rock Star

Lyricist, Entertainer, Public Speaking, Poetry

Family CUTE Friends, Canine
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Taurus / Dog


3 Inch

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