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Cute and Happy Lifestyle: Love Panda® Find Balance Tank Top

There are many ways to find your way back into balance. One is through cuteness and positivity. Balance your Yin and Yang energies with this Love Panda® Find Balance Tank Top Racerback with a relaxed drapey fit.  So feminine and flattering! Perfect for dressing up and dressing down, working out or just chilling with friends!

Size & Fit:
  • Model is 5'8" and wearing a size S
  • Piping accent on armholes and neckline
  • Available in S-XL
Fabric & Care:
  • Material: 95% super soft ring spun polyester with 5% spandex
  • Piping accent on armholes and neckline, available in white or black
  • Shirring at the racerback seam, with a merrowed bottom hem
  • Machine wash cold, do not bleach, machine dry low, iron low
  • Proudly made in the USA

AVAILABLE HERE: Love Panda® Find Balance Tank Top


Cute and Happy Lifestyle: Love Panda® Black & White Lunch Bag

This cute lunch bag will make you the envy of the schoolyard!

  • Insulating Neoprene keeps food cool longer
  • Water Resistant
  • Nylon top handle, zipper closure
  • 8" x 9.5" x 4.5"
  • AVAILABLE HERE: Love Panda® Lunch Bag


    Cute and Happy Lifestyle: Love Panda® Love Music Printed Cool Pink Shoes

    Step out of the box in a pair of unique custom Love Panda® sneakers!  A fresh look at sneakers, ZIPZ® shoes give you a one of a kind way to express yourself!

    • Unisex sizing: 4-13 Men's | 6-15 Women's
    • Material: Durable canvas tops, rubber soles.
    • ZIPZ® shoes are interchangeable! The top cover can be zipped on and off so you can easily switch up your style on the go.
    • Rubber soles are manufactured with extra cushioned insoles and a specially designed arch support system to give your feet a comfortable and healthy fit.
    • Quality you can trust: ZIPZ® has been independently tested by SATRA for wear, use, and durability.
    • AVAILABLE HERE: Love Panda® Printed Shoes


    TED2 Final Scene NYCC - Love Panda Cameo!

    TED2 NY Comic Con scene. Love Panda is in the background.

    See if you can find Love Panda?


    Giant Pandas - Ultimate Couch Potatoes Among All Bears!

    Giant pandas are the new couch potatoes of the animal world and just as sluggish as slow-moving sloths, according to a study published on Thursday in the journal Science.

    Researchers in China tracked five captive pandas at Beijing Zoo and three wild ones at Foping Nature Reserve in Shaanxi province.

    The study found that pandas are far less active than other bears, expending just 38 percent of the average daily energy of other bears.

    "The daily energy expenditure values for giant pandas are substantially lower than those for koalas, for example, and more akin to those of three-toed sloths," the study said.

    The endangered panda is the only one of the world's eight bear species with a vegetarian diet. Pandas, whose ancestors were carnivores, possess a digestive system that evolved to handle bamboo, which accounts for 99 percent of their food. Bamboo is tough to digest and pandas must devour lots of it to survive.

    A key to the panda's remarkably low metabolism is the fact that it boasts extremely low levels of thyroid hormones, most likely due to a mutation in a gene called DUOX2, which is involved in thyroid hormone synthesis, the study said.

    The thyroid gland controls metabolic processes, and thyroid hormones are important for regulating body weight and energy. Low levels can lead to sluggishness.

    "Giant pandas achieved this low metabolism through a suite of morphological, behavioral, physiological and genetic adaptations during their long evolutionary history," said biologist and lead researcher Fuwen Wei of the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

    The researchers said the size of the brain, liver and kidneys in pandas is relatively small compared with other bears.

    "These reduced organ sizes likely contribute to their low energy demands," Wei said.

    The researchers found that the wild pandas rested for more than half of any given day. When they do move it is at a rate of 20 meters per hour. With their low metabolism, pandas need their coat of thick fur to retain body heat, the researchers said.


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