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------ EGO vs. ECO - WE THE PEOPLE vs. WE ARE ONE ------

The company Cute Brands was based on the idea of HARMONY between people, animals and the environment we live in... We are ECO-FRIENDLY - we use eco friendly water based inks to print our products and we use an eco friendly web hoster. We are ANIMAL FRIENDLY - each of our character has a special story and symbolizes an endangered animal or a societal issue. We love PLANET EARTH and we wholeheartedly support the CONSERVATION OF OUR PLANET - 1 WORLD, 1 HOME! We are also SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE & CHARITABLE because we have dedicated 5% of all annual revenues to be donated to select charities and not-for-profit organizations (WWF, WCS, ASPCA) that help protect and preserve endangered animals and their natural habitats! So, join us at to take part of this growing movement that is happening right now! :-)


Love Panda® Plush Toy Arrives Just In Time For The Holidays!

After almost 9 months of design and new product development, manufacturing and product testing, Liu-Yue (Louie) Lam, co-Founder of Cute Brands, Inc. – Cute and Happy with a Cause! is proud to present our newest addition to the Cute Brands family - Love Panda® plush toy.  Love Panda® plush toy brings one of most beloved Cute and Happy characters into your arms.  Create cute and happy moments, magical friendships, and lots of smiles with a Love Panda® plush toy while also feeling good that a portion of your purchase will go towards supporting worthy social causes.

Love Panda® plush toy is a one of a kind gift item. A hand crafted workmanship made from the finest materials that are ultra soft and with embroidered eyes and feet for added uniqueness. Recommended for age 1 and up.  It is custom hand-made from all new, non-allergenic child safe materials and product tested to meet all U.S. safety standards.  Love Panda® plush toy also comes with a bio tag that tells you the story of Love Panda.

Love Panda® plush toy makes the perfect Cute Friend to take around with you.  5% of every sale will be donated to select charities that protect endangered animals and the environment (WWF, WCS, ASPCA). Help make the world a better place by adopting Love Panda®. To adopt Love Panda® click here!

Product Features:
*Brand New in Sealed Bag and Bio Tag

*Custom Handcrafted Workmanship
*Incredibly Soft Plush
*Lovable and Huggable Cute Panda Bear
*Perfect Companion
*Makes You Cute and Happy!
*Wonderful Gift Item
*One of a Kind, Rare collectible!
*Product Tested and Meets All U.S. Regulations for Children Toys.

Product Dimensions:  7 x 2 x 8 inches
Weight:  3 oz.
Recommended age: 12 months and up, for people of all ages
Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to all countries outside the U.S.

Love Panda® is playful and loves to eat bamboo while receiving tummy massages. Love Panda® is very gentle and likes to be tickled, cuddled, and hugged.  Love Panda® wants to be adopted by someone and find a new home.

Social Cause and Awareness:
*Pandas are one of the most endangered animal species with only 1,600 left in the world.
Visit us at to Take Action!


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China Celebrates Birth of 8 Panda Cubs!

China is experiencing a giant panda baby boom, given that eight new cubs were born this year at the world's largest giant panda reserve, the Chengdu Panda Base.

"Pambassador finalist Melissa Katz from the U.S. formally announced the new additions today in Chengdu and all the cubs are in good health and were photographed together for the first time," Alejandro Grau, a spokesperson for the reserve, told Discovery News.


Seven of the eight baby pandas were born in Chengdu. The eighth, born of a Chengdu Panda Base mother, was born at the Wakayama Adventure Zoo in Japan. The names of the eight babies are: Oreo, Xiao Qiao, Si Yi, Yuan Run, Miao Miao, You Bin, and twins Cheng Shuang and Cheng Dui.

The oldest is Oreo, who was born on the opening day of the London Olympics. Oreo weighed less than a half of a pound at birth, but now is a furry and chubby 13 pounds. (Adults can weigh up to 353 pounds.)

The eight new baby cubs bring the total number of giant pandas in captivity at the Chengdu Panda Base to 113, making it the biggest group of artificially bred pandas in the world.

Although giant pandas once roamed over a large portion of Asia, animal experts currently estimate the overall population at only 1,600. The giant panda is therefore a seriously endangered species, so each birth gives us reason to celebrate.

Grau shared that infancy is a crucial stage in panda development, when the babies must stay close to their mothers for nourishment and support. After 1.5-2 years of development with their mothers, the young cubs will enter a gradual training program with the long-term goal of reintroduction into their natural habitat.

Regarding the eight cubs: "I’m very excited to announce this big news, and with my fellow pambassador finalist friends be the first people to photograph all these babies together," Katz, a field hockey coach from Tinton Falls, N.J., was quoted as saying in a press release.

She's in Chengdu for the next week with the other pambassador finalists, learning about panda conservation. You can see her in the below.

Source: Discovery News

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